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ADA Gulf FZE is a Free Zone Establishment based in Ras Al Khaimah / UAE

It is founded as a regional office and a partner of the German engineering organization, ADA Acoustic Design Ahnert in Berlin, Germany.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert established this company first in Qatar in 2007, in order to provide the same consulting services at the same quality level as the office in Berlin, but with more dedication to the rapidly emerging markets of the GCC.

The core spectrum of services covers room- and building acoustics, acoustical analysis/ treatment, system integration, including studios, sound reinforcement-, AV-, security- and data communication-systems, as well as audio/acoustical field measurements.

Our scope over the course of any given project covers the phases of determination of the client’s basic requirements, preliminary and detailed design, tender document generation, project execution supervision, on-site measurement and commissioning, final documentation, as well as conducting training for the client’s personnel.

ADA’s successful history reflects of course very much the history of Prof. Dr. Ahnert, who is often described as the pioneer of sound reinforcement and certainly belongs to the most known acousticians world-wide.

Prof. Dr. Ahnert and his teams have been part of some of the most prestigious projects in Europe and globally since the mid 1970s.

From 1975 on he worked in the Institute for Cultural Buildings in Berlin which was in charge of the overall planning of all important theatres, concert halls and other cultural buildings in former East Germany, but was also involved as a responsible consultant in several projects abroad.

In 1990 he founded the engineering office Acoustic Design Ahnert; since 2002 ADA has his office in Berlin-Pankow with more than 8 employees or freelancers. In 2010 the company ADA Acoustics & Media Consultants GmbH has been founded to continue the work of Acoustic Design Ahnert but also to reflect the extented scope of work in media and conference technology.

Prof. Ahnert is the author and co-author of numerous articles and books on the subject of sound system engineering, for instance in "Beschallungstechnik - Grundlagen und Praxis" (Sound Reinforcement Engineering - Foundations and Practice) S. Hirzel Verlag Stuttgart, published in 1993; revised editions and translations of this work were published in English in 2000, in Chinese in 2002 and in Russian in 2003. He is coauthor in the last three volumes of the Handbook for sound engineers edited by G. Ballou (Vol. 5 was released in 2015).

Since 1993 Prof. Ahnert, alongside with other functions, has been Professor at the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen (Academy for Film and Television, now Film University Babelsberg) in Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany.

Starting in the 1980s, he with partners developed and introduced the room acoustical and electroacoustical simulation program EASE which is today used as standard in more than 80 countries.

Jointly with the sister company SDA (Software Design Ahnert GmbH), in the first days of November 2004 a novel measuring platform EASERA 1.0 has been released, 3 years later the platform SysTune especially developed for Live Sound Measurements. These products and other tools are now distributed by the company AFMG Technologies GmbH (, founded in 2009.

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